Jiuding Capital Invited External Experts and Held Consumer Goods Industry Seminar


Consumer Goods Industry External Experts Seminar sponsored by Investment Department was held in Beijing recently. The seminar made an in-depth discussion on such industries as jewelry, red wine, daily use chemicals, e-commerce, etc. The exchange with the external experts provided the corporate researchers with unique research perspective to observe, understand and judge the value of consumption-type enterprises, as well as many helps to build industry investment logic and grasp the growth law of consumption-type enterprises.

The seminar invited some entrepreneurs from some consumption-type enterprises, such as TESiRO Group, Procter & Gamble Company, xiu.com, etc., and some senior executives from NTS Automobile Service, Jingya Catering, UTOURWORLD, etc. Corporate partners, heads of Risk Control Committee, heads of industry research teams of Investment Department and co-workers of Consumption Industry Investment Department attended the seminar.

The experts made their keynote speeches on competition pattern and industrial development trend in such sectors as jewelry retail chain, red wine, daily use chemicals, e-commerce, automobile service, catering chain, tourism agency, etc., and performed interaction and exchange with the co-workers from the Consumption Industry Research Department. The topics include products and brand positioning of consumption-type enterprises, key points of out-of-city expansion of chain enterprises, development trend of segmented industries, key points of business mode and competition, growth mode, common bottlenecks, risks of segmented industries, investment opportunities of segmented industries, etc. 

Before then, the inner seminar of Investment Work Committee has discussed some segmented industries, including LED industry, pressure vessel, automobile, automobile distribution, converter, tube material, cable, lithium battery, coal, natural gas, melamine, tooling, film and television entertainment, advertisement marketing, edible mushrooms, seed industry, middle-and high- grade women's dress, animation industry, cardia-cerebrovascular drug, etc.

Investment Department holds one or two “external industrial expert seminars” each month, and invites some entrepreneurs and experts from some competitive segmented industries, which greatly enhance research ability of industry researchers, and widen their investment vision.