Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and Jiuding Capital Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement


Recently, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau and Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd. (“Jiuding Capital” for short) signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. Director general of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau Weimin ZHOU, vice director general of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau Yan YU, and heads of departments of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, president of Jiuding Capital Xiaojie HUANG, and vice president of Jiuding Capital Zhen HUANG attended the signing ceremony. 

Jiuding Capital ranked first among China’s PE firms in 2011, and was awarded “China’s Best PE Firm 2011”. Headquartered in Beijing, Jiuding Capital has built some branches in more than 50 regions across China, with the capital scale of more than 25 billion yuan, and has invested many projects during growth period and mature period in 10 sectors such as consumer goods, medicine and medical treatment, agriculture, equipment manufacturing, chemical, new material, TMT, new energy, environmental protection, minerals, etc. Jiuding Capital has invested more than 100 projects, including more than 40 listed companies and the companies to be listed.

Director general Weimin ZHOU expressed his warm congratulations on the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement, gave a high appraisal to Jiuding Capital’s professional ability and achievements, and pointed out that the both parties can perform win-win cooperation in relationship coordination, policy propaganda, environment recommendation, business opportunity release, project pairing, problem solving and personnel service. President of Jiuding Capital Xiaojie HUANG expressed his thanks and appreciations to Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau for its work ethos and work performance of serving the enterprise, introduced Jiuding Capital’s strategic positioning, capital scale and business philosophy, and hoped to keep closer cooperation to boost the development of Beijing’s substantial economy and strategic emerging industries. 

The both parties agreed to keep closer cooperation in project pairing, investment service, resources sharing, achievement sharing, information exchange, etc. Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau will recommend some advantageous projects to Jiuding Capital, provide all-round services in policy consulting, commission of examination and approval, talent introduction, etc., attract Jiuding Capital’s leading privately-owned enterprises outside Beijing to invest and build regional headquarters, investment company, R&D center, settlement center and high-end manufacturing base in Beijing. Jiuding Capital will make full use of the brand activities and working platform sponsored by Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau to expand the development space.