JD Capital-invested Haozhi Industrial Listed on SZSE


On March 9, Guangzhou Haozhi Industrial Co., LTD (300503, shorted as “Haozhi Jidian”), a JD Capital-invested company, went public on the Shenzhen Security Exchange Growth Enterprise Market. 

Haozhi Industrial issued an initial 25 million shares, which would be traded publicly since the date of listing at a price of 7.72 yuan per share. This would mean a quarter of its total equity. 

Established in 2006, Haozhi Industrial is an environmental-friendly hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of high-precision electrical spindles and spare parts. Currently, the enterprise has formed a business system with medium and high-end electrical products as core business, electrical spindle precision spare parts manufacturing as pillars, and repairing service as distinctive features, forming a comprehensive business chain consisting of “complete machine-spare parts-services” of electrical spindles. 

In recent years, consumer electronics industry has developed rapidly. Innovative products like smart phones, tablet computers, Ultrabook, and wearable devices have been emerging one after another, making the market expanding continuously, and thus the material, structure and technology of related spare parts witnessing continuous renovations. The adoption of capacitive touch screen in consumer electronics products goes viral around the world, and the penetration rate of metal outer parts and structural parts increases gradually, bringing opportunities of dramatic rise for the industry of upper stream CNC engraving and milling machine and its key functional parts. 

Following this trend, Haozhi Industrial speeds up its development. With such efforts, it has formed leading advantages and taken outstanding roles in the national medium and high-end electrical spindle market. The enterprise owns hundreds of advanced production technology and equipment from countries, regions and cities home and abroad, e.g. the UK, the US, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Shanghai., forming an annual production capacity of over 40,000 electrical spindles, with nearly 300 patents for invention and patents for utility models. 

JD Capital became a shareholder of Haozhi Industrial in 2011, holding 10% of its stake before the public listing. Up to the release of JD Capital 2015 Annual Report, 91 of JD Capital-invested companies have gone public or been listed on the NEEQ, and 47 of the invested programs have been withdrawn, the overall annual compound Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the withdrawn programs reaching 29%.