JD Capital Won the Award of Excellent Local PE Institution


“Private Banking and High-End Financial Innovation Forum” sponsored by National Business Daily was held in Beijing on September 18. Experts and representatives from financial areas including banking, insurance, trust, PE, public offering, and third-party financial planning institutions attended the forum and discussed about issues related to financial management. Meanwhile, according to “2015 China High-end Financial Management Rankings” released by the forum, JD Capital was awarded “Excellent Local PE Institution”.

New pattern of high-end financial management

After a rapid growth of China’s economy for over three decades, China starts to embrace a changing structure of wealth distribution and accumulated national wealth. In 2015, with 2.01 million high-net-worth households, the total amount of Chinese people’s personal wealth reached 110 trillion yuan. The market of financial management, especially high-end financial management, is welcoming more development opportunities.

Meanwhile, with the deepened interest rates liberalization and various types of “financial disintermediation”, China’s high-net-worth individuals are still facing obstacles when seeking appropriate plans for investment and asset allocation. A new growth pattern will develop for the high-end financial management.

Experts like Wang Yanxiu, Party Secretary of China Banking Association, Guo Tianyong, Director of China Banking Research Center of Central University of Finance and Economics, and Zhang Huangyi, CEO of HGSME Family Business, delivered speeches and proposed suggestions for issues including how to develop and innovate private banks and how to realize a differentiation competitive high-end financial management.

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