Annual Meeting of JD Capital’s USD Fund Held in Singapore


The 2014 Annual Meeting of Jiuding China Growth Fund was held in Singapore on September 15. Investors including Vertex Ventures, Allianz, and HQ Capital attended the meeting. 

Facing the domestic and global challenges and opportunities of macro-economy and the capital market, Mr. Cai Lei, partner of JD Capital, delivered a speech named “Dream of Long-term and Excess Returns and Strategies of JD Capital”. In the speech, Cai offered a systematic analysis of the new circumstances of macro-economy and the capital market. Based on the circumstances, Cai shared with the guests the investment strategies and investment opportunity availing systems of the enterprise. According to Cai Lei, JD Capital, as an asset management institution whose core business lies in equity investment and high-yielding investment projects, will keep investing in high-growth enterprises. Meanwhile, JD Capital will enhance buyout efforts to share in the profits from enterprise growth and scale integration through active operation and management. 

Furthermore, at the meeting, the director of JD’s Overseas Investment Department illustrated how JD Capital would seize the buyout chances overseas to help domestic leading enterprises in industrial sub-sectors with their international growth. The analysis on how to utilize the investment chances as state-owned enterprises reform toward diversified ownership was also provided.

The participants discussed about hot issues concerning the reform and innovation of China’s capital market, China’s new-normal economy as well as investment opportunities of the capital market.