MOMODA and Wanda ReachesFive-year Exclusive Strategic Cooperation


Recently, a five-year exclusive strategic cooperation agreement was reached between Wanda Cinemas, China’s top cinema brand, and MOMODA under Shaoxi Technology, China’s No.1 O2O stress relieving brand. MOMODA’s “micro-SPA stress relieving zone” will soon be set up in Wanda cinemas. By combining healthy lifestyle with entertainment places, they seek to be the first to upgrade the model of health and entertainment consumption.

MOMODA: Some Change for a Micro-SPA

Consumers are quite familiar with Wanda Cinemas, but not so much with MOMODA. So why does Wanda make the choice?

In fact, MOMODA has been a dedicated player in the O2O stress relieving market for many years. With the massage armchairs produced by its parent company, Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation Limited (603579, Rongtai Health), MOMODA, a subsidiary of Shaoxi Technology, has established over 3,000 stress relieving zones in airports, stations, cinemas, commercial entities and office areas across China. The cooperation with Wanda is not just a quantitative 10% increase, but, more importantly, a recognition of MOMODA’s years of efforts.

Two Giants Combined to Meet the Demand for Consumption Upgrade

The entertainment culture is more and more strongly felt as middle class consumers increase. Under the dual impact of supply and demand transformations, the industry of leisure health shows strong growth elasticity.

The “popcorn economy” in cinemas used to cause great public uproar. No one thought that the everyday popcorn would generate such huge revenues. From the perspective of economics, in the ecological environment of cinemas, the success of popcorn is a result of contextualized consumption. This is also where MOMODA identifies customer demand and upgrade it. Setting up “micro-SPA stress relieving zones” in cinemas is one way of marrying health leisure with recreational leisure.

The strategic cooperation with Wanda puts MOMODA at a leading place in the O2O stress relieving market. According to Shaoxi Technology, further upgrades in brand, channels, products, service and customer experience will happen soon, so that MOMODA can provide better and more complete services in richer forms.

Rongtai Health was established in 1997. It is a health service provider and technological regimen solutions provider focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of massage apparatus. The enterprise has over 100 patents for invention, utility model, and appearance design. Its many awards include “Famous trademark of Shanghai”, “Little technology giant”, “Innovation enterprise of Shanghai”, “Hi-tech enterprise” and “Designated enterprise technology center of Shanghai”.

Rongtai Health has sales counters at high-end department stores in most cities in China. It has established long-term cooperation with Yansha, New World, Yaohan, Golden Eagle and Friendship Shop. Its diversified cooperators include household appliance chains such as Suning and Gome, high-end hotels, airports, clubs and automobile 4S dealers, as well as e-marketing platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong. As for the international market, Rongtai Health has created a global sales network covering Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Rongtai Health went public on the A-share market in January 2017. The fund ran by JD Capital became a shareholder in 2011 and held 13.44% of shares prior to the IPO.